We serve our Guests with homemade breakfasts, dinners and suppers.

Our great asset is the regional Lithuanian cuisine attracting you both with its heavenly aromas and delicious taste. Guests from all over the country come here to enjoy these wonderful dishes. Homemade cold cuts, chanakhi, cepelinai, cold Lithuanian borscht, our own cheese – that’s barely the beginning of all the delicacies we serve to our Guests.

  • Breakfast (buffet) 15 PLN/person
  • unlimited dinner 25 PLN
  • wholeday board with 3 meals 55 PLN.
  • for children up to the age of 13 -20%

At your disposal, there is freshly brewed coffee from the espresso machine.

We prepare solemn suppers with individual menus and all kind of special events. The Banquet Menu from 60 PLN/person..

In the summer, feel free to enjoy our mini bar by the water.

We serve fresh fried fish and delicious cold draught beer as well as beer of the Lithuanian brewing.

Bread baking show

For larger and smaller groups, we can organise a bread baking course. You will learn how to make a naturally leavened bread in a wood-fired oven and take active part in every single stage of the process. Once the course is over, you'll get your own bread!

Price: 400 PLNper group.

Šakotis Baking Show

From the creaming butter up to the baking process itself - you can learn all about the famous šakotis, and therefore, literally translating the tree cake. A very tasty attraction for kids and adults alike.

The price and date are agreed upon individually.

Bonfire spot

A stay in the heart of nature without roasting sausages over the fire or ember-roasted potatoes? Impossible!

That's why we have prepared a special bonfire station for you and can arrange it all for you if you wish.

Grill huts

Šilainė is full of cosy places where you and your friends can have a barbecue.

Renting a grill with wood - 20 PLN