Attractions, our specialty

Private beach

We offer you a cosy and sunny beach with a jetty, a sandy and shallow bottom adapted to children. By the lakeside, there's a mini bar with deck chairs.

Ganbanyoku - the Japanese sauna

A banya, a bucket or the Japanese home sauna – that’s something new, ain’t it? That’s a pretty usual wooden barrel with water heated up to 45-50 degrees Celsiusa. The barrel stands right by the lake and therefore, in the winter season, you can quickly cool your body down by jumping from the hot water straight into hole in the ice covering the lake sheet.

Heating the banya up for the whole evening without limits of time and participants 250 PLN.

With the dry sauna in one package 380 PLN.

Finnish sauna

It’s a small room with wooden walls where you can warm your body up within the temperature range of 85-120°C. In other words, that’s a kind of a dry sauna where you need to pour the stones with water from time to time. Since the stones are placed on the top of the oven, the air in the room is a bit damp. Each time the stones are poured with water, billows of steam spread throughout the whole cabin.

Heating the sauna up for the whole evening without limits of time and participants 170 PLN.

In the package with water banya - 380 PLN

Water balls

Great fun for toddlers and older children. Safe and entertaining walking on the water.

Price for 5 min – 8 PLN.

Water catapult

Those looking for some wild and extreme attractions can try our Water blob. This crazy thing offers you some veeery spectacular jumps into water.

Price 40 PLN/ 30 min for 2-3 people.

Bike trips

Explore our beautiful surroundings on two wheels. All these stunning meadows, hills and forests are just like a fairytale, especially from a bike perfective.

Renting a bike :

3 hours - 10 PLN

Whole day - 20 PLN

Horse riding

At your disposal, there are three trained horses and a wide space to discover on the horseback. For children, there are ponies.

Individual ride 40 PLN/h

With an instructor 60 PLN/h

Carriage ride

Let us take you for a sight-seeing trip around Puńsk and to the Jaćwiesko-Pruska Settlement in Oszkinie.

Duration: approx. 2 hours, price 20 PLN/person, minimal number of participants: 6.

Sleigh ride

Winter in this part of Poland is long, freezing cold and snowy. That’s why our experience in organizing unforgettable sleigh rides is quite rich! Horses snorting, we singing merrily by the fire with live music in the background, sausages roasting over the flame…. It’s so lovely! For this very reason, sleigh rides are the most popular and liked attraction of our winter team-building stays.

Swimming equipment

We recommend boats, kayaks, pedal boats and canoe for water recreation on the 100 ha Sejwy Lake.

Boat 10 PLN/h
Pedal boat 12 PLN/h
Kayaks, canoes 14 PLN/h


The Sejwy Lake is a great 100 ha fishery for all the fans and enthusiasts of fishing.

Renting a boat for one day: 30 PLN, bench for fishing from the shore – for free.

Bathymeric map: see
Licences: check


An exhibition of old household and agricultural tools from the Puńsk and Lithuania region.

Admission free.


In our farm, except for horses and ponies, you can also feed and pet sheep, goats and rams.

Playground for kids

Carousel, swings, large sandpit and more - free use for the guests of our Resort.

Fireplace hall

Long autumn-winter evening taste best by the cracking fireplace.


Paintball is one of the most popular team-building games which gives you all inspiration and power to face the challenge laying ahead. A bit of healthy rivalry always does you good, doesn't it? So, there's no need to say more - just try and enjoy it! We shall provide you with professional equipment, helmets and protective suits.

Midsummer Night - Dew Holiday

Midsummer Night is celebrated when the sun in the sky reaches the highest point and the shortest night comes. It coincides with the maturity of vegetation. On this day, people gather herbs because they believe if picked in this time period, they will have more healing power and that they will bring happiness. Such bunches of herbs were once hung at the gates, through which carts with grain collected from the fields were supposed to pass.

on St. Anne's day

On this feast, a staged harvest, concert, bonfire, folk band performance, fish feast and other attractions are organized.

To celebrate the holiday, we solemnly give our most sincere wishe to all the visitors. The event takes place on the last Saturday of July by the Sejwa Lake at the Šilainė Recreation and Entertainment Centre.

Holiday of Bread, Honey and Milk

For the first time, this holiday was organised on 15 August, 2004, during the traditional celebration of the Puńsk commune - Our Lady of the Herb. The three products that are in the name, and therefore, bread with milk and honey, are very important to a man. Especially our beloved bread, the essence of our lives. Yet, it’s so much more than merely a part of our menu. It’s also a highly significant element of various pagan times rituals, customs and traditions of the past. Christians also ask God in one of their prayers: "... give us our daily bread today ..." p>

It’s a very active day for the whole family – full of stunning shows and tastings of regional pastries, honeys, threshing rye, numerous competitions, attractions for children, concerts of folk and stage groups from Lithuania.

Offroad routes

Together with the Polski Offroad Service (Polish Offroad), we would like to invite all fans of offroad challenges to meet the beauty of the Suwałki Region. Our preceise maps will guide you thorugh the primeval, untouched borderlands.

We also recommend crossing the border belt.

Hunting in Lithuania

Together with the local hunting clubs, we can also offer you hunting in the forests nearby. The border lands are full of animals of various species.

On request, we can also organise hunting trips to the region of Raseiniai in Lithuania.

Puńsk - the Lithuanians' Capital in Poland

Suwałki Region

  • Wigry National Park 27 km
  • Camedolite Monastery in Wigry 27 km
  • Augustów Canal – papal ship cruises 65 km
  • Bridge in Stańczyki 53 km
  • Meeting Point of Three Borders 39 km
  • Touristic routes


We are a well-located starting point for Lithuania trips: p>

Vilnius 180 km strong> - Old Town, Gate of Dawn, Gediminas Tower, Cathedral, Rasos Cemetery, TV Tower

We recommend a guide in Vilnius or organized tours from Suwałki.

Troki 160 km - the castle of Vytautas the Great on the Galwe Lake

Druskininkai 80 km - Water Park, Snow Arena

Ski slope - 25 km

In the close vicinity, there is a ski slope with 6 downhill slides of various difficulty, ski school and ski rental.

Canoeing trip - 30 km

Czarna Hańcza – River of the Year 2016 showing the beauty of the Suwałki Region and Wigry National Park as well as other rivers offered by our trusted operator. Transport to the starting point of the canoeing trip available.

Diving 40km

One of the most popular locations in the north-eastern Poland. More than 100 m deep, the Hańcza Lake, attracts crowds of divers fascinated by the depth and possibilities it offers to carry out difficult technical dives, but also to quickly reach a large depth in recreational diving. The reservoir is a gutter lake with a fairly poor flora, which gives you a great visibility, reaching even several metres!

We cooperate with the Banana Divers Diving Centre. P>